Media stories of bespoke scent marketing & music styling

South China Morning Post

 Simon Faure-Field talks brands. He tosses into conversation such terms as “brand extension”, “brand values”, “brand positioning”, “brand standards” and “brand- aligned experiences”. A nose for profit led the Singapore-based, British-born businessman initially to provide music and voice-recorded messages for clients wanting a “consistent” image. That led to music styling and, since 2005, the related field of scent branding.  

Business Times - From The Desk Of Simon Faure-Field

Singapore Scent Marketing Music Styling Equal Strategy Simon Faure-Field

Multinational brands find it increasingly difficult to differentiate and connect with their target market because that have forgotten that human beings make decisions based on all five senses, not just one. For example, 83% of marketing budgets today are spent on advertising, communications, which basically appeal to a single sense – that of sight. But scientific research has found that a whopping 75% of our decisions are based on what we smell. 

ABC Radio - Scent and The Customer Experience

 What would entice you to stay longer in a shop and possibly buy more? Well obviously, that depends on how attractive you find what the shop is selling. After that, perhaps the duration of your stay has to do with the way the goods are displayed, and the shop’s interior design. But beyond what you can see, beyond the way the place excites your sense of vision, how can the shop keeper engage with your other senses, what you hear or even what you smell?